ABC(AtCoder Beginner Contest)記事一覧

AtCoder 様が提供しているABC(AtCoder Beginner Contest)の紹介記事が増えてきました。記事一覧ページを作成しました。



ABC362Buy a PenRight TriangleSum = 0Shortest Path 3Count Arithmetic SubsequencesPerfect Matching on a TreeCount Substring Query
ABC361InsertIntersection of CuboidsMake Them NarrowGo Stone PuzzleTree and Hamilton Path 2x = a^bGo Territory
ABC360A Healthy BreakfastVertical ReadingMove ItGhost AntsRandom Swaps of BallsInterSectionsSuitable Edit for LIS
ABC359Count TakahashiCouplesTile Distance 2Avoid K PalindromeWater TankTree Degree OptimizationSum of Tree Distance
ABC358Welcome to AtCoder LandTicket CounterPopcornSouvenirsAlphabet TilesEasiest MazeAtCoder Tour
ABC357Sanitize HandsUppercase and LowercaseSierpinski carpet88888888Reachability in Functional GraphTwo Sequence QueriesStair-like Grid
ABC356Subsegment ReverseNutrientsKeysMasked PopcountMax/MinDistance Component Size QueryFreestyle
ABC355Who Ate the Cake?Piano 2Bingo 2Intersecting IntervalsGuess the SumMST QueryBaseball
ABC354Exponential PlantAtCoder Janken 2AtCoder MagicsAtCoder WallpaperRemove PairsUseless for LISSelect Strings
ABC353BuildingsAtCoder Amusement ParkSigma ProblemAnother Sigma ProblemYet Another Sigma ProblemTile DistanceMerchant Takahashi
ABC352AtCoder LineTypingStanding On The ShouldersPermutation SubsequenceClique ConnectEstimate OrderSocks 3
ABC351The bottom of the ninthSpot the DifferenceMerge the ballsGrid and MagnetJump Distance SumDouble SumHash on Tree


ABC350Past ABCsDentist AokiSortNew FriendsToward 0TransposeMediator
ABC349Zero Sum GameCommencementAirport CodeDivide IntervalWeighted Tic-Tac-ToeSubsequence LCMPalindrome Construction
ABC348Penalty KickFarthest PointColorful BeansMedicines on GridMinimize Sum of DistancesOddly SimilarMax (Sum – Max)
ABC347DivisibleSubstringIdeal HolidaysPopcount and XORSet Add QueryNon-overlapping SquaresGrid Coloring 2
ABC346Adjacent ProductPianoΣGomamayo SequencePaintSSttrriinngg in StringStringAlone
ABC345LeftrightarrowInteger Division ReturnsOne Time SwapTilingColorful SubsequenceMany LampsSugoroku 5
ABC344SpoilerDelimiterA+B+CString BagsInsert or EraseEarn to AdvancePoints and Comparison
ABC343Wrong AnswerAdjacency Matrix343Diversity of Scores7x7x7Second Largest QueryCompress Strings
ABC342Yay!Which is ahead?Many ReplacementSquare PairLast TrainBlack JackRetroactive Range Chmax
ABC341Print 341Foreign ExchangeTakahashi Gets LostOnly one of twoAlternating StringBreakdownHighest Ratio
ABC340Arithmetic ProgressionAppendDivide and DivideSuper Takahashi Bros.Mancala 2S = 1Leaf Color
ABC339TLDLangton’s TakahashiPerfect BusSynchronized PlayersSmooth SubsequenceProduct EqualitySmaller Sum
ABC338Capitalized?FrequencyLeftover RecipesIsland TourChordsNegative Traveling Salesmanevall
ABC337ScoreboardExtended ABCLining Up 2Cheating Gomoku NarabeBad JuiceUsual Color Ball ProblemsTree Inversion
ABC336Long LoongCTZEven DigitsPyramidDigit Sum DivisibleRotation Puzzle16 Integers
ABC335202<s>3</s>Tetrahedral NumberLoong TrackingLoong and TakahashiNon-Decreasing Colorful PathHop SugorokuDiscrete Logarithm Problems
ABC334Christmas PresentChristmas TreesSocks 2Reindeer and SleighChristmas Color Grid 1Christmas Present 2Christmas Color Grid 2
ABC333Three ThreesPentagonRepunit TrioErase LeavesTakahashi QuestBomb Game 2Nearest Fraction
ABC332Online ShoppingGlass and MugT-shirtsSwapping PuzzleLucky bagRandom Update QueryNot Too Many Balls
ABC331TomorrowBuy One Carton of MilkSum of Numbers Greater Than MeTile PatternSet MealPalindrome QueryPalindrome Query
ABC330Counting PassesMinimize Abs 1Minimize Abs 2Counting LsMex and UpdateMinimize Bounding SquareInversion Squared
ABC329SpreadNextCount xxxElection Quick ReportStampColored BallDelivery on Tree
ABC328Not Too Hard11/11ConsecutiveTake ABCModulo MSTGood Set QueryCut and Reorder
ABC327abA^ANumber PlaceGood Tuple ProblemMaximize RatingApplesMany Good Tuple Problems
ABC3262UP3DOWN326-like NumbersPeakABC PuzzleRevenge of “The Salary of AtCoder Inc.”Robot RotationUnlock Achievement
ABC325Takahashi sanWorld MeetingSensorsPrinting MachineOur clients, please wait a momentSensor Optimization Dilemmaoffence
ABC324Same3-smooth NumbersError CorrectionSquare PermutationJoint Two StringsBeautiful PathGenerate Arrays
ABC323Weak BeatsRound-Robin TournamentWorld Tour FinalsMerge SlimesPlaylistPush and CarryInversion of Tree
ABC322First ABC 2Prefix and SuffixFestivalPolyominoProduct DevelopmentVacation QueryTwo Kinds of Base
ABC321321-like CheckerCutoff321-like SearcherSet MenuComplete Binary Tree(subset sum = K) with Add and EraseElectric Circuit
ABC320Leyland NumberLongest PalindromeSlot Strategy 2 (Easy)Relative PositionSomen NagashiFuel Round TripSlot Strategy 2 (Hard)
ABC319Legendary PlayersMeasureFalse HopeMinimum WidthBus StopsFighter TakahashiCounting Shortest Paths
ABC318Full MoonOverlapping sheetsBlue SpringGeneral Weighted Max MatchingSandwichesOctopusTypical Path ProblemCount Strong Test Cases
ABC317PotionsMissingNo.Remembering the DaysPresidentAvoid Eye ContactNimRearrangingWalk
ABC315tcdrThe Middle DayFlavorsMagical CookiesPrerequisitesShortcutsAi + Bj + Ck = X (1 <= i, j, k <= N)Typical Convolution Problem
ABC3143.14RouletteRotate Colored SubsequenceLOWERRoulettesA Certain GameAmuletsDisk and Segments
ABC313To Be SaikyoWho is Saikyo?Approximate Equalization 2Odd or EvenDuplicateFlip MachinesRedistribution of PilesGroup Photo
ABC312ChordTaK CodeInvisible HandCount Bracket SequencesTangency of CuboidsCans and OpenersAvoid Straight Linesnukesnuke
ABC311First ABCVacation TogetherFind it!Grid Ice FloorDefect-free SquaresYet Another Grid TaskOne More Grid TaskMany Illumination Plans
ABC310Order Something ElseStrictly SuperiorReversiblePeaceful TeamsNAND repeatedlyMake 10 AgainTakahashi And Pass-The-Ball GameNegative Cost
ABC309NineRotateMedicineAdd One EdgeFamily and InsuranceBox in BoxBan PermutationSimple Path Counting Problem
ABC308New SchemeDefault PriceStandingsSnuke MazeMEXVouchersMinimum Xor Pair QueryMake Q
ABC307Weekly RecordsracecarIdeal SheetMismatched ParenthesesDistinct AdjacentVirus 2Approximate EqualizationMarquee
ABC306EchoBase 2CentersPoisonous Full-CourseBest PerformancesMerge SetsReturn to 1Balance Scale
ABC305Water StationABCDEFGSnuke the Cookie PickerSleep LogArt Gallery on GraphDungeon ExploreBanned SubstringsShojin
ABC304First PlayerSubscribersVirusA Piece of CakeGood GraphShift TableMax of MediansConstrained Topological Sort
ABC303Similar StringDiscordDashShift vs. CapsLockA Gift From the StarsDamage over TimeBags GameConstrained Tree Degree
ABC302AttackFind snukeAlmost EqualImpartial GiftIsolationMerge SetSort from 1 to 4Ball Collector
ABC301Overall WinnerFill the GapsAtCoder CardsBitmaskPac-TakahashiAnti-DDoSWorst PictureDifference of Distance


ABC300N-choice questionSame Map in the RPG WorldCrossAABCCDice Product 3More HolidaysP-smooth numberFibonacci: Revisited
ABC299Treasure ChestTrick TakingDangoFind by QueryNearest Black VertexSquare SubsequenceMinimum PermutationDice Sum Infinity
ABC298Job InterviewColoring MatrixCards Query ProblemWriting a NumeralUnfair SugorokuRook ScoreStrawberry WarSum of Min of Length
ABC297Double Clickchess960PC on the TableCount SubtractionsKth Takoyaki SetMinimum Bounding Box 2Constrained Nim 2Diff Adjacent
ABC296AlternatelyChessboardGap ExistenceM<=abTransition GameSimultaneous SwapPolygon and PointsUnite
ABC295Probably EnglishBombsSocksThree Days AgoKth Numbersubstr = SMinimum Reachable CityE or m
ABC294FilterASCII ArtMerge SequencesBank2xN GridSugar Water 2Distance Queries on a TreeK-Coloring
ABC293Swap Odd and EvenCall the ID NumberMake Takahashi HappyTying RopeGeometric ProgressionZero or OneTriple IndexOptimal Path Decomposition
ABC292CAPS LOCKYellow and Red CardFour VariablesUnicyclic ComponentsTransitivityRegular Triangle Inside a RectangleCount Strictly Increasing SequencesRating Estimator
ABC291camel CaseTrimmed MeanLRUD Instructions 2Flip CardsFind PermutationTeleporter and Closed offOR SumBalanced Tree
ABC290Contest ResultQual BMax MEXMarkingMake it PalindromeMaximum DiameterEdge EliminationBow Meow Optimization
ABC289flipCoverageStep Up RobotSwap PlacesTeleporter TakahashiShopping in AtCoder storeTrio
ABC288Many A+B ProblemsQualification ContestDon’t be cycleRange Add QueryWish ListInteger Division3^N MinesweeperA Nameless Counting Problem
ABC287MajorityPostal CardPath Graph?Match or NotKarutaComponentsBalance Update QueryDirected Graph and Query
ABC286Range SwapCatRotate and PalindromeMoney in HandSouvenirGuess The Number 2Unique WalkDon’t Swim
ABC285Edge Checker 2Longest Uncommon Prefixabc285_brutmhyhiizpChange UsernamesWork or RestSubstring of Sorted StringTatamiAvoid Square Number
ABC284Sequence of StringsMulti Test CasesCount Connected ComponentsHappy New Year 2023Count Simple PathsABCBACOnly OnceCount Unlabeled Graphs
ABC283PowerFirst Query ProblemCash RegisterScopeDon’t Isolate ElementsPermutation DistancePartial Xor EnumerationPopcount Sum
ABC282Generalized ABCLet’s Get a Perfect ScoreString DelimiterMake Bipartite 2Choose Two and Eat OneUnion of Two SetsSimilar PermutationMin + Sum
ABC281Count DownSandwich NumberCircular PlaylistMax MultipleLeast ElementsXor MinimizationFarthest City
ABC280Pawn on a GridInverse Prefix SumExtra CharacterFactorial and MultipleCritical HitPay or ReceiveDo Use Hexagon Grid 2Substring Sort
ABC279wwwvvvvvvLOOKUPRANDOMFreefallCheating AmidakujiBOXAt Most 2 ColorsSum of Prod of Min
ABC278ShiftMisjudge the TimeFFAll Assign Point AddGrid FillingShiritoriGeneralized Subtraction Gamemake 1
ABC277^{-1}Playing Cards ValidationLadder TakahashiTakahashi’s SolitaireCrystal SwitchesSorting a MatrixRandom Walk to MillionaireConstrained Sums
ABC276RightmostAdjacency ListPrevious PermutationDivide by 2 or 3Round TripDouble ChanceCount SequencesConstruct a Matrix
ABC275Find TakahashiABC-DEFCounting SquaresYet Another Recursive FunctionSugoroku 4Erase SubarraysErase SubarraysInfinite Knapsack
ABC274Batting AverageLine SensorAmebaRobot Arms 2BoosterFishingSecurity Camera 3XOR Sum of Arrays
ABC273A Recursive FunctionBroken Rounding(K+1)-th Largest NumberLRUD InstructionsNotebookHammer 2Row Column Sums 2Inv(0,1)ving Insert(1,0)n
ABC272Integer SumEveryone is FriendsMax EvenRoot M LeaperAdd and MexTwo StringsYet Another mod MFlipping Coins 2
ABC271484558Maintain Multiple SequencesMangaFlip and AdjustSubsequence PathXOR on Grid PathAccess CounterGeneral General
ABC2701-2-4 TestHammerSimple pathStonesApple Baskets on CircleTransportationSequence in mod Padd 1
ABC269Anyway TakahashiRectangle DetectionSubmaskDo use hexagon gridLast RookNumbered CheckerReversible Cards 2Antichain